McKee Builders Blog |The Costs of Rising Rents and Their Implications for Active Retirees

The rising costs of renting is making home ownership even more affordable and a better investment. As you plan your next life stage of life, keep in mind the advantages of owning your own retirement home.


McKee Builders Blog |Moving to Delaware: Fiscal Advantages

Delaware offers many important fiscal advantages to retirees, especially lower tax rates. For long-term fiscal management and planning, this makes Delaware a great place to retire.

Vital truths About Active Retirement Communities

Vital truths About Active Retirement Communities

There are a lot of misconceptions about active retirement communities, which may be fueled by terminology, like retirement. Retirement connotes not only stopping work, but also a life slowdown.

Active retirement communities are not designed for people who want their lives to slow down. In fact, many active retirement communities in Delaware and elsewhere are designed to help you speed up your life-but with activities that inspire your deep passions and stimulate your physical and mental faculties in this next stage of life.

Essential Features of New Houses in Retirement Communities

Newly-built homes in 55 and over communities have numerous advantages for owners looking to get the most out of their retirement, in both the short and long-term.